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SBA - SR 5 Floors


Chassis: self-supporting anti-corrosion Aluminium structure
Axles: fixed, twins 10000kg, 1° axle liftable
Brakes: drums Ø 300 mm
Braking system: pneumatic with two lines according to CEE regulations with Electronic Braking System (EBS) and RSS
Parking brakes: spring cylinder (maxi brake) with pneumatic control
Suspensions: pneumatic type with electronic control
Wheels: disc 17.5 x 6.75 with M spigot
Tires: twin 245/70R17.5
King pin: 2 king pin in accordance with DIN standards demountable from below
Landing legs: with 2 speed, rocking feet and length compensation
Body: self-supporting box unit with 4+5 flap decks, flap roof and trap doors, rear doors, vents closed with sliding panels, internal and external working lights
Loading ramp: hydraulic loading lift with electro-hydraulic control box, high capacity batteries, lifting capacity 1500 Kg
Electro-hydraulic system: autonomous type with electro-pump and high capacity batteries with automatic safety devices in accordance with Machines Directive and Work Safety Institute (TUV approval n° 24 03 9761 002)
Drinking system: automatic type with nipples for pigs and water tank 500 l
Partition gates: in Aluminium suitable to divide each deck into n° 6 boxes

  • Vents closed with aluminium flaps (+300 Kg)
  • GPS tracking system integrated with temperature and opening doors recording